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What is MechGroupBuys?

When I first sparked interest in this hobby, I had trouble finding resources for information and releases. So on January 12, 2020, I launched the r/MechGroupBuys subreddit.

MechGroupBuys began as a subreddit to keep track of group buys and information regarding restocks/keycap extras from vendors. Then I decided to create a Discord server where members could opt-in to be notified when a group buy goes live. Restocks, keycap extras, miscellaneous items, and limited board group buys are usually posted in Discord first.

This website that has been created will be the most broad in the sense that only group buys will be posted. It will keep track of only keycaps, boards, and switches.

We have a “Support Us” tab under “About us.” Currently, a store has been created and we are now selling stickers with our official logo. The team and I put a lot of time manually maintaining all 3 mediums and the proceeds will go into improving and maintaining our subreddit, Discord, and website. Another way to support us is by boosting the discord server.

Thank you friends and enjoy!

Additional Contact:

My subreddit can be found here

My discord server can be found here

For any inquires contact: [email protected]

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About Us